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OrthoK (short for orthokeratology) is a non-surgical procedure using specially designed contact lenses to gently reshape the curvature of the eye overnight, to improve vision in the day. You insert the lenses each night before bed and it gently changes the curvature of the cornea while you sleep, creating a sharpened image when you wake. The lenses are removed when you wake up. Your vision is clear during the day, without glasses or contact lenses. Your doctor will design the OrthoK lens mold to obtain the change needed to achieve clear vision. When the lens is removed in the morning the cornea begins to return to its original shape but so slowly that good vision is maintained all waking hours. Each night the process is repeated. The elastic tissue of the eye is not harmed by this daily process. Perhaps an analogy that most of us have seen would be the ridges formed on the ankles by a snug-fitting pair of socks. The ridges eventually go away and the tissue remains healthy. OrthoK is reversible. It is not a permanent alteration of tissue.

Who is a candidate: Ortho K is FDA approved for patients with myopia ranging from -0.50D to -6.00D of spherical correction and up to -1.75D of astigmatism.

Costs: $1600-$2500 depending on the amount of myopia